Seychelles Plant Gallery

Local plant lovers and photographers

The virtual gallery is made for the community and by the community. You can send us images of plants, for example if you have a better photo than what is available in the gallery, but also if you have a plant that you do not know. The team of plant specialists from PCA and the herbarium will identify your species and incorporate it in the online gallery.

Contribute Images!

Contribute Knowledge on Species Occurrences!

Plant taxonomists and other plant specialists,
both here or overseas

In addition, if you see misidentified images in the galleries, you are welcomed to send us your corrections. Your name will be entered in the database for the new “determinavit”. A gallery is even designed for that specific purpose, and we encourage overseas taxonomists to help us. Finally, if there are any Creole names that you may know about, you can send us the information and we will add it to the database.

Contribute Images!

Contribute Knowledge on Species Identity!

Donations / Collaborations / Project development / Volunteering

Reviewing the flora of Seychelles is a continuous and colossal work. For the moment, local plant specialists from PCA and the Museum are progressively working families afterthrough the families, but the task is huge and the work is done mostly on a voluntary base. Therefore, if we want to progress faster and better on the flora of Seychelles, especially on those groups where a flora is still lacking, like Monocotyledons, ferns and mosses, then we need a financial support.
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